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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  September 29, 2017 4:00am-4:28am EDT

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today finally some sweater weather in the picture. those sunday morning temperatures on the chilly side. the whole forecast coming up later in the hour. for now, let's go back to the news4 midday. >> thank you. investigators are examining new everyday found in a case of a woman from prince george's
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county. they found pieces of clothing, this is new sent to us, it's billie's driver's license, it's what she looked like when she went missing several days ago, searchers found that critical evidence yesterday. they focused on the search in her neighborhood where her car was found last weekend. they combed the area where her cell phone was found in a dumpster. the family is hoping she is alive. >> the blessed is always scared, but i have faith in my god that he's going to bring her home to me. >> we want to show that you picture one more time the 19-year-old was last seen driving on joint expeditionary little creek for work. she never showed up for her shift. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to billie. more help is heading to puerto rico today,
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homeland security elaine duke will travel to the island devastated by maria. also on the way, a three-star general. he is expected to direct response many have been calling slow moving. one example of that, thousands of shipping containers loaded we are leaf supplies are sitting at a san juan port. the governor says he can't find truck drivers to deliver the containers to areas needing it, making the search tougher. 90% of all cell phone towers on the island are out of service. residents in northern virginia are doing their part to help the people of puerto rico. strangers took to social media to check sploo is to send to the island. they call themselves united for puerto rico. among them are a few loudoun county deputies working to help them out. members say what matters most are the people who need help
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have food. chilho don't have food. i can't imagine my kids not going a day without water and food. these people are there without it for days. >> i cannot imagine. the puerto rico international guard is taking those items to the islands later today. we have a link on our website how you can help donate to relief efforts, search hurricane now this morning, we have a follow-up to a story we have been telling you about earlier in the week about a huge confederate flag that flies over i-95 in stafford. it sits on private property. it's not coming down, rather. but one woman has come up with a way to protest that confederate flag. here's news4 midday 4's jamari stone. >> i'm excited. i didn't expect we would get this far with the whole process. >> reporter: susan kozier feels pretty good, building officials approved her permit to put up an
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80-foot flag pole in her back yard. she will raise a black lives matter flag. what do you want to put up a black lives matter flag? >> i think after charlottesville, we seen racism isn't an abstract concept, it's something that's happening. >> reporter: it will be located three miles away from this 30 by 30 confederal flag seen by i-95. also on private property. susan tells me, it's a symbol of race. >> it's used often in white supremacy rallies. >> susan has an adopted african-american daughter. she says her life matters. to me she's our daughter, when she steps out of the house, she's another person, it's important she lives in a safe community. >> she joins a group for peace and equality. they want to lower the confederate flag near i-95 to 30-feet or take it
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you won't be able to see her black livesg m from the ho, but bell e people will see it from downtown fredericksburg. >> a controversial flag in its own right, people have issue with it. i think people don't understand. >> reporter: she has six months to construct the flag. she plans to raise $2500 on go fund me to pay for the flag pole, construction and security on her property. >> jamari, thank you when it comes to renaming dead sewer high school. the superintendent of fairfax county school says there is no easy answer. so the community decided a name change was needed because the school's namesake was a confederal military leader. now, even though variations of the statement hearned the most support, many spoke out against that. the school board will vote on the new name late next month. every day in this news4 middayroom, it's coffee day, of course. that's how
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any day, right? toda the country will be sipping on a cup of coffee on national coffee day. now we all know that coffee can be personal. some people like it plaque. other people like to load up on that cream and sugar. so we decide they're going to ask our co-workers here on news4 midday 4 how they take their coffee. >> so my morning coffee cream and i use i gave for sweetener, what are you looking at? i don't have an addiction to coffee. i really don't. >> ha, that's a first. i don't think i've heard of agave in coffee. mixing it there. we're frozen, we were frozen on our colleague there. because i didn't know that -- >> what size coffee do you order when you go into the coffee shop? >> so i keep a small cup. it's black, no sugar, no cream. i want all the caffeine, what about you? >> i always order the tall. i like my coffee the same way i like
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and strong. >> sweet or -- >> you heard last night. >> i did, indeed, he's a great guy. >> certainly is. anyway, we have great weather coming our way. you will need an extra warm cup of coffee today, finally cooler weather in the fall forecast. a complete check of that is coming up in a few more minutes. stay with us. plus, more on julia louise dry fuss and still a warning about another hack attack, why your strip to the
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ralphcandidate for governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. and ed gillespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education.
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. >> you are watching "news4 midday 4 today." house majority whip steve scalise is back at work. he created an uplifting moment here in washington. >> you have no idea how great this feels to be back here at work in the people's house. [ applause ] >> congressman ska lease' return comes three-and-a-half months after a gunman nearly killed him at a advantageal baseball practice in alexandria. the louisiana law maker walked onto the house floor using two canes and thanked the peo
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women are as lucky as she is, well wishes continue to pour in for the star including this one from former vice president joe biden. he tweeted, we vs stick together. jill and i and all biteens are with you, julia. october is breast cancer awareness month. we are working for you all next week on news4 midday 4 today. we will be tackling myths telling you about support groups and talking with survivors. >> that is well needed, indeed. switching gears for a
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it's finally gngup? >> that's right.
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we are following breaking news for you right now out of southeast d.c. about a triple shooting. this is affecting traffic. we will get to that in a moment. first, here's what we know. d.c. police say three men were shot just before 3:00 this morning on martin king avenue at malcolm x avenue. at last check, they're alive and are at the hospital. police are searching for a blue lexus. police have martin luther king jr. block in both collection e directions at raleigh street. we will update you as we learn more. enough of the doom and gloom for a minute. right? we dare you not to cry on this next piece of video. a montgomery county boy got the surprise of a lifetime when his navy dad showed up at school. take a look. >>
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>> hol buddy! oh. how are you g? >> i love this. u.s. navy coreman matthew foreman surprised his five-year-old son cameron at his school in gaithersburg yesterday. the teacher told her class a guest reader was coming. you can see the surprise on that little boy's face. there was not one dry eye in the house, not even dad. well, he doesn't owe me $5. i told him he was going to cry. he said he wasn't. i am happy for both of them and our family that he's back. >> it seems like a long time. >> foreman missed cameron's birthday and first day of school when he was serving overseas at the time. he was gone for almost eight months. teachers and the pta president
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a good boy. >> it's good to see parents and kids have that special bond and time apart. >> absolutely. >> that little boy will never forget. >> that's right. we are also, in addition to that, we unpacked great weather as well. >> he sure did. >> thank you very much for your service and great weather. indeed, a perfect way to get your weekend under way, coming up, your friday night football fans. if your team is playing, sends me a tweet. i'll try to get some of your high school games on. you can tell me who's playing. when they're playing and where they're playing. i can't think of all these games, people, c'mon, we have four different games on, who is playing, where they're playing, sends your tweet to me. we'll get you your high school football game forecast for tonight. there will be the smallest little chance for a stray raindrop or two tonight as a reenforcing shots of some
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even cooler as we go through the weekend. nothing on the radar but ground clutter early this morning, here's future weather. again, it will be a sunny day, a sunny afternoon, a mainly clear sunset time. but, just about 10:00 tonight, here's the futures weather. . you see that random sprinkle chance there, up into parts of frederick and washington countys of maryland. that's where you may see a stray shower or two. you won't have to worry about the raindrop chances, far northern maryland into northern west virginia could get a stray shower or two. keep that in mind. >> that will be between 10:00 tonight and 2:00 saturday morning. we are all dry, 50s to around 60 degrees now, highs in your hometown today, 69 in gaithersburg. 72 degrees in manassas. the team is teaming up with us. we'll bring you the latest
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>> thank you if you dined at whole foods, they hacked and it did not spread to purchases made at the grocery store, itself. amazon recently acquired whole foods, butter that systems are not connected. if you are just waking umm, this is not a dream. this is real life. you can't make this stuff up. listen, taco bell and forever xxi clothing store will be rolling out a fashion line, the duo will team up to offer itemss such as tank top design. it will look like a packet of taco bell signature fire sauce. interesting there. the collection will be available beginning okay 11th in for jen xxi stores and online. a foam fit for royalty is right in our back yard. we're talking about the newest d.c. design house. news 4's barra harrison got a tour of the house b
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the $10 million home is on congressional court in potomac. it has nine bedrooms, a ballroom, a two story library and pool with its own pool house department. barra cause up with one of the designers who drew her inspiration from actress and style icon princess grace kelly. doors open to the public tomorrow. tours run through october. tickets are $35 with the proceeds going to the children's national health system and fighting the rnlg to use your phone while you drive is getting easier. how apple's latest upgrade will keep you focused behind the we'll and still ahead, we're on baby watch. kurt cousins may be more than just a quart back byer
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. >> there's a feature in the latest iphone update you might not know about. it could help you or your team be safer on the road. nbc news' liz mclaughlin explains the update every parent needs to know about. >> reporter: we see it all the time. the daily commute with a phone in hand and the dangerous consequences that can follow. a new ios 11 feature might make multitasking a little less tempting. it's called do not disturb while driving. it can be installed on iphone 5 or higher. >> it silences notifications, so they won't distract you. in this case they won't show up on the screen. how can your phone tell when you are behind the wheel? it automatically turns on when you attach to the blu tooth. it can tell when the car is in motion. >> i know people who have had this trigger
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their bikes or a train or just a passenger in a car. but in those cases, you can man wale tu manually turn this off. >> parents can password protect it so teenage drivers can't turn it on and off. >> reporter: but this new safety features eliminates some, ignoring the others is still up to us at least until self driving cars take over. >> time now is 4:25. news 4 today continues today. >> news 4 today starts now. right now it feels like fall, finally? >> i have been waiting a long time. >> cooler temperatures to start the day. the question is, how long will they last? >> she's been missing nearly two weeks now.
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search for chante billie. we will fill you in. >> today is a hard day. we have been getting some delivery, we are missing some new things. >> plus he's a world renowned chef, now he is taking his talents to those that need it the most. he is helping to fight the crisis in puerto rico guess what, we're on quarterback baby watch. kurt cousins is even closer to becoming a dad. the update and what it means for this sunday's game. >> now, listen. if he had to miss the birth of the baby, would his wife be mad? >> yes. >> there are red skins fans out there going -- in seriously, darn, mrs. cousins. >> my guess is he'll play. >> you think? you think? >> he has the rest of his life to look at this kid. >> oh, jeff bell. >> it's true. >> it's so long, can you literally go to the game and
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>> maybe he'll make done. >> know only if it were that easy. >> it kind of feels like the fall weather. we have been waiting, waiting. now it's today for sure it felt different, right? >> i felt it. as soon as i went outside, the humidity was gone. >> you put the windows down in is. >> i did. the sun roof. >> that sound like me, i'm sun roof and windows open. even in the winter. >> not me at all. >> a little coolness, fresh air never killed airplane. a nice looking what i to get your friday started. temperatures back down into the 50, much more typical of late september than what we have been dealing with. 62 now in washington. 65 by the bay and annapolis, courtesy of the relatively warm bay water. your planner for today starting out, nice and cool, sun up at 7:02. then as we --
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in the ten day i minutes. let's go over to traffic now. good morning. >> good morning, chuck. we got issues in southeast, we have police activity closing mlk between alabama avenue and malcolm x. authorities are on scene. we had a news 4 reporter headed on queen is as well, headed south on montgomery village avenue. it had overhead sign work. then on the southbound 270 spur, there is work down there blocking a single left lane. authorities are down on scene and process. hopefully, they're picking it up quickly. but they should be wrapped up pretty quickly. back to you. >> thank you. it's 4:28. investigators are examining new everyday found in the case of a woman in prince george's county. >> searchers found bradz and clothing in norfolk looking for chante billie. they sent us a new picture of her driv's
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this is what she looked like when she went missing 11 days ago. you see her hair is in multiple twisted bradz. >> searchers found that potential critical evidence. they focused on the neighborhood where her car was found and the area where her cell phone was found in a dumpster t. family is hopefully she is alive. >> the blessed is us as scared. but i have faith in my god that he's going to bring her home to me. >> that's why we want to show you her face again. she's 19-years-old, the last time her family saw her, she was driving to little creek for work. she never showed up for her shift. there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to her return. more help for puerto rico today, the acting homeland security elaine duke will return to the island, devastated by maria also on the way a
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he is expected to direct the response many say is slow in coming. tracy potts joins us live from capitol hill. she will break down the criticism is trump administration is facing following their response with hurricane maria. one renowned clef ising couldi chef arrives in puerto rico earlier this week with his world central kitchen. he has been cooking up meals to serve in hospitals and shelters. they have two kitchens opened so far. there is more information on how you can help. we are following breaking news, a triple shooting in d.c. . >> plegen fitzgerald is at the live desk. what's happening here? >> there is affecting traffic. here's what we know. d.c. police say three men were shot just before 3:00 this


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